critiques for novel (The Pearl By John Steinbeck)

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critiques for novel (The Pearl By John Steinbeck)

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Abstract 1
Jackson discusses works of various authors in his critics and gives insight on how some of Steinbeck’s stories appeared to the audience and reviewers of the time. Jackson considers The Pearl as the most criticized work that Steinbeck wrote. He states that it is one of the most straightforward novels that introduced different ideas hence attracting varied views among the readers. The structure of the story and the beauty that it withholds preserves the reputation of the book making it one of the most widely read among Steinbeck’s stories. The storyline develops reasoning towards how a person might look and decide to carry on with his or her own life. The hero in the novel is an Indian boy who from his vast knowledge, a reader grasps the message of the story. People in the world are led by greed to care for themselves and not for others.
Benson, Jackson J., ed. The short novels of John Steinbeck: Critical Essays with a checklist to Steinbeck criticism. Duke University Press, 1990.
Abstract 2
In his critic, Subekti views The Pearl as a representation of how Steinbeck regarded the society concerning the people who are in power and their followers. The two people above adopt different places in the community. Looking at the author, he worked as a reformer trying to induce a change to the norms of the society. With that in mind, The Pearl is used to inform people tough in a symbolic way of the wrongs that are ha…

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