Critiqued Research Report

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Critiqued Research Report

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Critiqued Research Report
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Critiqued Research Report Homsey, M., & O’Connell, K. (2012). “Use and success of pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic strategies for sleep problems.” Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, 24, 612–623.
Is the research problem clearly identified? Does it have significance to nursing?
The research problem is clearly identified because insomnia is an issue, in various individuals across the globe. Insomnia affects people’s productivity, causes stress, impairs relationship with others and interacts with routine work. Understanding the strategies that alleviate insomnia would be of prime importance in implementing care strategies in such individuals.
The research has significance to nursing because nursing personnel should render a person-centric care and hence, understanding the profile of a patient will help in designing specific strategies to alleviate insomnia.
Is there a clearly stated research question or hypothesis?
The research question is clearly stated since it wanted to evaluate the used and perceived successful strategies that alleviated insomnia. The research further evaluated the correlation of alleviation strategies on age, gender, income and education.
Review of the Literature
Does the literature review provide a synthesis of evidence about the research problem?
The literature review provided an adequ…

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