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Article Critique
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Article Critique
In the article “Undergraduate ESL students’ engagement in Academic Reading and Writing in Learning to Write a Synthesis Paper” published in Reading in a Foreign Language in 2015, Zhao and Hirvela’s main argument is simply stated as “synthesizing offers rich opportunities to explore the connections between reading and writing” (Zhao and Hirvela, 2015). The author’s research on how the sources and the synthesis play the role in influencing two students practice their writing of synthesis and their perceptions regarding interaction between the writing of the synthesis and reading strategies.
To begin with, I agree with the authors regarding the statement that it requires complex knowledge and literacy skills to handle the intertextuality activities during academic composition. Moreover, I acknowledge that the authors base their arguments about writing in for academic reasons, which is important to help absolve other writers from the results of the study.
Moreover, the authors delineate their confines early enough by stating that other determinants control the analysis on the students’ ability to compose a synthesis paper. For instance, most writers learning how to do synthesis writing are at the same time learning the target language and its complicated nuances of the literacy conventions. This calls for narrowing down the scope of study into deeper aspects that are vital in the engage…

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