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Scope Monkey Trial
The scope monkey trial took a lot of supreme courts time and resources to determine an issue based on opinion. It put the American civilization under scrutiny before the American religious people discovered the similarities between the accounts given in Bible and the Charles Darwin evolution theory. John Scope had to undergo challenges proving his stand in the community which made other people like George Rappalyea, Clarence Darrow and John Neal supported his course of action which against the banning of Charles Darwin theory in American schools. This paper will determine the case of Scope vs. the State in a bid to establish the same effects of the Biblical accounts of creation and Darwin’s theory of evolution in respect to human beings’ current existence.
According to the Scope trial writer, he wrote that Butler was unlawful “to teach any theory that denies the story of divine creation as taught by the Bible and to teach instead that man was descended from a lower order of animals” (Linder, 2000). Based on this statement the Trail author found the two accounts of human existence to be the same indeed.
During the trials, Darrow who was one of the defendants stood and said that “if evolution wins, Christianity goes” (Linder, 2000). He further elaborated the importance of these theories which led to the civilization of the contemporary American society. He finally sealed his point by stating “opening the doors for a reign…

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