Critical Thinking Revised

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Critical Thinking Revised

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Critical Thinking
Rosa Park’s boycott delineates the significance of feeling in basic reasoning. From the incident, it is clear that she was tired and disgusted by the bus segregation laws that had ruled the Montgomery area. She was furious of being treated as a non-equal and decided to set her foot down. Through, her defiance actions which were based on her emotions, she inspired perseverance which is a tool which is vital to critical thinking. Moreover, she continued to impact the activities of different supporters to join her in championing the restricting of segregation laws. It is through her emotional pain that she achieved the much-needed justice (Boss 50).
I once visited a bank to make some inquiries. I was casually dressed in a “hoodie” and had carried some items in the front facing pocket. I entered the bank generally as I would any place, but it was my first time thus I was not aware of the layout. As a person, I am a bit shy, so I was skeptical to ask for assistance. The bank had two levels, so I went up the stairs and came down to the lobby twice as I was looking for the banking section. As I stood pondering what to do, I was arrested by two security personnel who pulled me to their security zone. After reaching the room, I was told that I had been suspected of suspicious activity and it seemed like I had a weapon concealed due to the manner in which I had conducted myself and ethnicity. Following…

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