Critical Thinking about Psychology

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Critical Thinking about Psychology

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Teaching and Learning Critical Thinking Skills
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Commonly, learners face major challenges when learning critical thinking skills that can dramatically fluctuate. Learning cognitive skills varies, from trivially easy to insufferably difficult. There are various reasons for the variations including the quantity information the learner is supposed to receive and process and the complexity of the information. Shaw (2014) cites some cases where the tasks to be done have the same amount of information but different in terms of the effort that is necessary to come to a level of mastery. The learners can find procedures and concepts in some areas of the curriculum highly obstinate, making it hard to master. Teaching thinking skills can prove even more challenging, but with effective teaching strategies students end up achieving the required level of mastery. In this essay, I will discuss Teaching Thinking Skills applying the Cognitive Load theory, and discuss development Thinking Skills program applying H.O.T.S. (Higher-Order Thinking Skills).
According to Senay Sen (2013) critical thinking is necessary for the modern life where people are facing major challenges as a result of the increase in the amounts of information that have to be infused into the mind and processed. The modern world is also characterized by complex problems as well as major social and technological changes. This means that critical thinking is at the center…

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