Critical Research Paper: Levi and Dante

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Critical Research Paper: Levi and Dante

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Levi and Dante
In The canto of Ulysses narrates the experience of Levi and his significant relationship with other inmates or the Kapos. Notably, the canto brings out the imagery of grotesques alongside terrifying pervade that Levi uses to express himself. Levi uses the canto of Ulysses as a teaching to the Pokolo Italian by presenting a horrific side of oneself. Through the Canto of Ulysses, Levi tries to recall the life of Dante and ways he can relive the experience as his and be a man in Auschwitz. Therefore, the canto reflects largely the life of Levi and that of Dante as a reflection of his own.
There is a greater similarity between Levi and Dante as recapped in the trip to hell. Whereby, Levis expresses inhumanity through the isolation of language and expresses the de-socialization and demonization of the Jews. On the other hand, Dante recount the aspect of inhumanity captured by the anti-Catholic propaganda. Therefore, both the writers described inhumanity in the scale of religion and the suffering faced by the victims.
Nonetheless, Dante contribution in literature influenced the work and life of Levi differently. For instance, as a non-believing Jew, Levi through the words of Dante is able to elevate the status of religious epiphany. Despite the torment and struggles that Levi faces, he remains emotionally resented and unhappy. Furthermore, Dante offers a reflection of optimism for Levis in experiencing his …

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