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Critical analysis of story submitted.

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Summary of The story of Desiree By Cate Chopin
Désirée’s Baby is a story written by Kate Chopin in late 1892 at a height of slavery and racial discrimination. The story is written in the setup of an old town of L’Abri in French-speaking country where cotton farming was much practiced. Unfortunately, it was the hard manual work was done by slaves who were black people. The story talks about a poor young girl whose origin is not well known, but picked and raised by a childless woman from a toddler age to an adult grown up the woman (Chopin, 23). The lady later on gets married to a man with whom they get their first child but later on the man begins to mistreat her because of her skin color and origin that makes her go back to stay with the woman who raised her. With a good use of imagery, the writer shows how the society discriminate some people unaware that they both share the same origin. As evident in the story, the society is mostly blinded by the minor things from seeing the reality.
Concerning the story, the society, in general, has a kind of nature of being blind to the serious matters and instead of being an element that is swayed away by some values or culture (Petry 56). This is a general behavior in our society today where by people fail to analyze situations correctly and are blinded by sideshows. For instance in the story, Désirée was blinded by love only to get in a relationship with Aubigny without critically analyz…

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