Criminal Law Cases

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Criminal Law Cases

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Criminal Law Cases
Question 1
Telling the patient the truth or personal opinion about Dr. Smith’s conduct may not go down well with Dr. Jones. Nonetheless, it is better for them to have problems as friends and strengthen their conduct as professionals. The reason some doctors get away with their misconduct while at work is because no one says anything even if they know how the doctors behave. Telling the patient the truth about Dr. Smith may not necessarily stop the patient from going to Dr. Smith but it will make the patient aware of what doctors may do at times and prepare the patient to think of the necessary action to take in case the doctor does not conduct himself in a professional manner while attending to the patient.
Question 2
Surgery and life support are risky medical operations that have to be conducted only upon consent of a family member or legal spouse. Given that the patient and her husband are not yet divorced and are still recognized by law to be a married couple I would disclose the state of the patient to the husband. Moreover, the patient has children with her husband and being the father of her children the husband has the right over what happens to his wife and can also make decisions or sign the consent forms for her surgery and life support. I would only disclose this information to the husband because he is legally recognized by law to be the patient’s husband.
Question 3
Leaving a laptop computer with cr…

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