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Criminal Justice Problem Solution Essay

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The Global Burden of Neurologic Diseases
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The Global Burden of Neurologic Diseases
The journal, The Global Burden of Neurologic Diseases, explains the prevalence of chronic diseases that contribute to high mortality rates and disability in the global context. Fundamentally, the journal disseminates information regarding the pervasiveness of neurological and the communicable diseases that contribute to the escalating levels of poverty as a primary challenge to economic development (Chin & Vora, 2014). While neurological and cerebrovascular conditions appear to be the leading in less affluent regions, the statistical information in this article convinces the public regarding the need for action.
According to the authors, the severity of neurological disorders attributes to 7.1% of the entire global burden, measured using the Disability-Adjusted Life Year metrics (Chin & Vora, 2014). Furthermore, the non-communicable diseases contributed to at least 54% of the burden, basing on the 2010 survey. The article further estimates that low and middle-income economies will lose approximately $7 trillion between the years 2011 to 2025 in treating cardiovascular diseases. Thus, the world will continue to experience more economic burden if a significant intervention is not implemented.
Arguably, the statistical information presented by the authors is not deceptive but an accurate representation of vulnerability of the prevalence…

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