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Criminal Justice Informative Essay

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Response on Glutamate Receptors
The role of glutamate receptors as excitatory neurotransmitters go beyond just working with the new proteins as stated in the research. The complexity of their work entails coordinating with the new proteins through the use of NMDA (Lu et al., 2018). For the past ten years, the glutamatergic has advanced enormously in the application in the molecular biology that deals with the glutamate receptors and transports. In this case, there are three families of inotropic receptors with the intrinsic cautions and are aimed at modifying glial and neuronal through the use of the G protein (Karakas et al., 2015). This explains the constant growth of new protein that results from the activities of glutamate receptors.
The presence of two glial glutamate and three neuronal transporters provide a major role of glutamate in the brain. It is one of the most available amino acids in the brain, and its role cannot be ignored in the development of new cells in the brain (Caprioli et al., 2018). It has never been any sign of brain damage that results from the dilatory glutamate. While some kinds of the glutamate can be associated with the brain problem, especially the ability to solve problems, it is clear that only a few like the kainate analog, which in most cases ingested accidentally, which are associated with the brain damage and seizure (Nicoletti et al., 2015). Therefore the role of glutamate goes beyond just the management and the…

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