Criminal Justice: Crime Prevation

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Criminal Justice: Crime Prevation

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Criminal Justice: Crime Prevention
Question 1:
The number n of incidents of family violence requiring police response appears to be related to d, the money spent on crisis intervention, by the equation: n = 430 – 0.005d. What expenditure would reduce the number of incidents to 350?
n, represents the number of incidences that needs response from the police
d, is the expenditure on crisis intervention
We know that:
n = 430 – 0.005d
Number of incidences n =350
350=430-0.005d (Simmons 28)
Rearranging values:
350-350+0.005d=430-350-0.005d+0.005d (Larson and Anne 35).
0.005d=800.005d0.005=800.005 (Leff 56).
The expenditure required to reduce the number of incidences to 350 is:

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