Criminal justice and ethical issues

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Criminal justice and ethical issues

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Ethical Issues Faced By Judges
Most judges face various ethical issues based on personal biases and work allocation. They confront with the dilemma of establishing justice if they cannot sidestep their personal biases on the case. Additionally, they challenge the amount of time and effort that they need to spend on reading, analyzing, interpreting, and evaluating the cases based on the established prima facie evidence and the justification of the burden of proof. Although there may be several ethical issues that judges needed to resolve, these two ethical concerns will require clarity and demand elaboration on the canons since these problems cause judges’ ethical dilemmas.
Essentially, the function of the judges must weigh down the presented evidence based on the legal admissibility and enforce verdicts according to the coherent findings. If these judges are unable to perform their roles, they cannot concentrate on providing tensions of evidence and in the future conflicts. If the judges tend to be prejudiced of the case, they cannot execute their responsibilities since their emotions will cloud their judgment. In other words, the judges should not participate and sit in the court trial if they have connections and relations with the lawyers and the plaintiffs or defendants. If they insist to take the case, for example, they may become precedents that will create “the appearance of indecency” (Kozinski 2). Furthermore, one ethica…

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