Criminal Justice

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Criminal Justice

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Criminal Justice
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The society is made up of persons from varying backgrounds and all walks of life. The ability to live and coexist peacefully with each other depends on the observance of the law. A lawless society would be ungovernable, and this explains why rules dictate how everyone should behave to avoid jeopardizing or compromising the civil liberties of other persons. Individuals are expected to do what is right and moral, but this is not always the case. The criminal justice system is mandated with the role of ensuring that there is order in the society. In the wake of civilization, democracy is a necessity, and the constitution dictates what is lawfully right and wrong. In a constitutional democracy, law enforcement agencies have a prescribed approach that they use to control crime. However, this approach is neither dictated by a single party nor the majority. Additionally, there is also an outlined criminal procedure which all parties should follow.
Identify and describe the difference between crime control for a police state, a pure democracy, and constitutional democracy.
In a police state, the police are subservient to a single party, a dictator, and neither the judiciary nor the legislature has control over how crime is controlled. Instead, the dictator dictates who should be arrested and who should not because he/she can order the arrest of any individual, at any time and place without considering their…

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