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Crime Expository Essay

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Traumatic brain injuries can have serious effects on the affected and this raises the need to examine and evaluate new methods of treating these types of injuries. The three articles discuss three main methods that can be used to treat and deal with the problems associated with traumatic brain injuries. One of the methods discussed is the use of moderate hypothermia to treat traumatic brain injuries. This method was found effective and additional research should be conducted to determine the efficacy of the treatment method (Kail, 2013).
Additionally, the second author discusses the effects of traumatic brain injuries on children. The study indicates that young people are likely to suffer some cognition problems in the future and this may affect their psychological and emotional development (Ponsford, Sloan & Snow, 2012). Therefore, young people should be equipped with helmets and other safety devices to ensure that they are protected from head or brain injuries (Arciniegas, Zasler, Vanderploeg, Jaffee & Garcia, 2013). Finally, the third study indicates that progesterone can be effective in the treatment of acute traumatic brain injuries and it may result in positive treatment outcomes.
The three posts highlight some of the findings of recent scientific studies on the treatment of traumatic brain injuries. Conventionally, treating traumatic brain injuries was difficult, and many people su…

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