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People are unique and have distinct ways of expressing their creative sides. While creativity does not require loads of time and talents, it involves a broad range of benefits related to relaxing the body and training the brain (Kirk, 2016). In my case, I use fashion and clothing to make a statement about my creativity. I am always selective of the colors that I choose and the style of my wardrobe. Fashion entails a broad range of patterns and designs. I habitually present myself in a manner that is comfortable for me by making personal jewelry, hats, and other clothing. My wardrobe contains many dresses and pants designed in the way that I prefer. I consider each day as an opportunity to display my style and brand through fashion. Style and fashion are visual manifestations of personal beliefs regarding aspects such as politics and culture.
The Csikszentmihalyi’s Systems Model (CM) is the most appropriate instrument for measuring the display of creativity in fashion. The model involves the assessment of the social value of creative work based on three distinct parties, namely, Person, Field, and Domain. In CM, creativity is what takes place when a Person generates a piece of work. The Field must embrace the work, and the Domain must also change for creativity to occur. For instance, if I create a unique design that critics, consumers, and other key players in the field of fashion embrace, my work wil…

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