Creating Meaning in Art

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Creating Meaning in Art

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Communication through artistic work has been one of the areas that have given artists the hardest time to develop a niche. In many cases, drawing artists have given all that it takes to develop a comprehensive work that communicates the most innate information through artistic work. Some of the most commonly used media has been the introduction of color and other artistic effects into the drawing arts. In this paper, the use of color and composition in illustrating the inner meaning and treasures of art as carried out by Van Gogh is carefully given an analysis.
Creating Meaning through Art
Starry Night Case Study
Van Gogh’s artistic work in the use of color has been important in creating various meanings to achieve various artistic ends. In one case, the swirl wind painting that Van Gogh did in the year1889 has both the artistic and the composition effects. However, the use of color is very dominant in relaying the concept to the art readers than the composition in this case. The dominant color used, blue, denotes the presence of water. Without water, it would be very hard to develop a swirl wind and waves. Therefore, it becomes very easy to help people understand the concept that Vincent Van Gogh wanted to pass across through the art of Starry night on MyartsLab, as illustrated in “A World Of Art”, page 65 CITATION Say13 l 1033 (Sayre, 2013).
While composition can also be used to create and achieve thematic representation and need of the drawn artistic e…

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