Creating a Methodology

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Creating a Methodology

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Creating a Methodology
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Discuss factors about the corporate culture that were at play, and suggest central reasons why the executive staff waited as long as they had to consider the development of an Enterprise Project Management Methodology (EPM).
In today’s interconnected areas of work, employees need to closely work together to ensure high productions (Kogan, 2012). Employees are required to work as a team to tackle different projects. The corporate culture in the organization was a non-cooperative type, which often applies in cultures where individuals don’t trust one another. The employees were more worried about their personal issues as opposed to the interests of their organization.
The executive staff had waited for long before they decided to implement the Enterprise Project Management Methodology because they thought that their powers were going to be reduced in the organization (Olson, 2004). The introduction of an EPM meant that a Project Management Office had to be opened. The project management officer was going to be more powerful compared to other offices in the organization, hence the denial for the executive staff to implement an EPM as required.
Recommend to both the senior executives (i.e. the company) and John Compton (i.e., the president) whether the Project Management Office (PMO) should report to the Chief Information Officer (CIO) or to someone else. Justify the response.
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