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Crazy Love

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Crazy Love by Francis Chan and Danae Yankoski
God is love, and it is this divine love that droves Francis Chan to writing the book Crazy Love believing that he would win many souls for Christ. As an evangelist of Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley, California his duty was to share the word of God and equally live a desirable life that reflects true Christianity. Therefore, it is in this regard that he gives an account of his life as well as illustrates the right lifestyle Christians need to adopt. Chan believes in transforming people just like the circumstances of life happenings contributed to his strong faith.
According to him, it seems insane to think that God is in love with him as a human being. This love of God is unfathomable and withstanding regardless of the sin committed. The kind of life God expects from Christians also sounds crazy for those who are lukewarm in their walk in Christ. This kind of livelihood dictates that we sacrifice and give up everything that is earthly as we focus on the spiritual entities since God can take life in any millisecond. Chan urges Christians to stop being lukewarm and instead decide to embrace the word of God wholeheartedly. He equally stresses that prayer is essential if we make meaning of who God is instead of rushing to utter words that will seem empty before his presence. Chan also reminds us that God loves us so much and is righteous enough to punish our sins if we do not do as…

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