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Cover Letter Revised.edited

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Human Resources Manager,
Seneca Women,
[email protected]
Sender’s Address
7th August 2018.
Following an advertisement on Seneca Women’s website, I wish to tender my application for the internship position offered.
I have an Associate of Arts degree in Writing and Literature. Currently, I am undertaking a bachelor’s program in English Creative Writing. My education has equipped me with adequate skills such as content writing, which is a pertinent requirement for this position. I also have vast experience in social media management having served as a Social Media Assistant for a local newspaper. Coupled with my education and experience as a tutor, I believe I have the requisite skills for this job. I am an inept reader and have a knack for conducting research, having been instrumental in conducting and presenting material for the Harlem Community Newspaper content. During my tenure at the newspaper, I sharpened my presentation and research skills. I also possess the ability to work under intense pressure and produce results. Finally, I wish to state that I flourish in both individual and team assignments, and I am, therefore, capable of operating in both circumstances.
I am interested in working for Seneca Women because I firmly believe in empowerment, most especially for women and girls. Additionally, I am a strong proponent of organizations and programs that recognize that women and girls contribute significantly to…

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