Courthouse Observation

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Courthouse Observation

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Courthouse Observation
On Friday April 27, 2018, I went to the Melbourne County Criminal Court to observe the case involving abortion where both the mother and the child had died. The judge was presiding over the proceedings. When arriving at the courthouse, I met security officers who instructed to leave any mobile phone or any other material with the capacity to prompt mental detector. The court officers directed me to the courtroom (DeWalt and DeWalt 235). I sat at the back of the courtroom where I saw the prosecutor and the defence lawyer participating in the cross-examination of the witness. The presiding judge and the prosecutor were involved in a discussion before the judgement was delivered.
The courthouse was spacious enough and was well organized, lit and ventilated. Since this was an academic activity, my classmate accompanied me. Both the defendant’s lawyer and the prosecutor attempted to proof their cases before the judge. They used witnesses coupled with a wide range of exhibits to demonstrate the innocence of their clients. Additionally, they both spoke precisely and were audible enough. Similarly, they were direct and to the point as they illustrated their side of the story (DeWalt and DeWalt 235). On the other hand, the presiding judge acted in a professional manner and facilitated seamless proceedings of the court. Additionally, she did not display any form of emotion when reacting to either the prosecutor or the d…

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