Court Observation

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Court Observation

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Court Observation Report.
The courthouse has a clear signpost and is quite easy to locate as a result. It is old and with an 18th century architectural design. The building stood out and was very different in style, size, and design compared to the others along the street. The court had three separate entrances to the courts for purposes of public viewing. All the entrances are distinct and would maybe go unnoticed if one was not aware that they were in existence.
I decided to go and view the proceedings in the middle level courts because the other two courts were already packed. The security personnel was very strict when entering the court building. They required everyone to pass through metal detectors after being initially having their bags searched by two of the security personnel. The entry into the viewing galleries was through a couple of stair flights. This, I felt, could be impeding disabled people from accessing the facilities.
In the building, there were robing rooms for members of both sexes and interview rooms. The court security guards monitored the main hallway leading to the viewing galleries of each of the courtrooms, and they were very helpful when I asked them about the day’s proceedings in the courts.
They directed me to court 1. The case that was in progress was T. Stephens and B. Stephens, a heavily publicized case. The case was a jury trial, his Honor Judge William Tucker Q.C. was presiding over it. The case involved the murder of an infant who…

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