Court observation paper

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Court observation paper

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Court observation paper
What courthouse did you attend?
King County Superior Court Seattle
What date(s) did you attend?
February 17, 2015
Judge’s name?
Berns, Elizabeth – Jeremy v. Crimston.
What type of proceeding was it (criminal or civil)?
What was the subject of the case (e.g. murder, personal injury, divorce, assault, etc.)?
1. Breach of Contract. Jeremy v. Crimston
What stage of the proceeding did you observe (direct testimony, cross-examination, voir dire, etc.)?
1. Trial. Jeremy v. Crimston.
Students are attending court cases often expand their knowledge on how different cases are handled by the judges. It also helps students to determine the various types of cases that are usually in the courts and their proceedings. Attending a court case demands knowledge of the overall proceedings because of the tight regulations that are often put in the courts. Most individuals have decided to take up jobs in the courtroom as clerks or judges simply from attending different cases that do not concern them.
One civil case at King County Superior Court in Seattle involved Jeremy v. Crimston. The case was in the trial stage, and the Jury had the opportunity to collect the evidence at hand and make a judgment. The situation was in court pertained to issues of breach of contract, where one member does not fulfill his part of the bargain. The trial judge Berns Elizabeth was present in the morning from 9.00 AM to deliver her…

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