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Qn. 1. Why the knowledge of surface anatomy and posture is important in Occupational Therapy.
Firstly, surface anatomy and posture identification aid in the determining of the aspects used to characterize potential defects in an individual when practicing Occupational Therapy. For instance, the health professional shall need the skills acquired from surface anatomy and posture studies to tell whether a patient is feeding in the normal posture. Secondly, the knowledge in both fields is essential for communication between the professionals and their colleagues. The learning process would be too complicated to implement if the therapists lacked the necessary surface anatomy skills, since the terms that are used in making a diagnosis require a standard and professional language.
Qn. 2. Then, specifically how it relates to things you notice with this patient when he is trying to feed himself or complete activities sitting on the mat.
The skills in surface anatomy assist the health professional to identify, document and communicate to colleagues about the muscles involved in specific movements. An example is when determining why the patient cannot flex the neck in a particular direction during the feeding process. When documenting, the professional is expected to use the knowledge of surface anatomy to describe the specific muscle that is involved in neck flexion and relate it to the nerve supply from the res…

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