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Psychological distress involves unpleasant feeling or emotions that affect one`s level of functioning. When these emotions exceed, they interfere with a person`s daily activities hence the need to go for counseling. Numerous factors cause psychological distress. In most of the time, it occurs because of traumatic experiences as a way of dealing with such a stressful situation. In such a case, one might be unable to cope with it and hence interfere with their normal function. The most common cause of psychological distress is the loss of a loved one. The death of a relative is a painful experience, and some people refuse to accept the loss and to grief. Consequently, they are unable to deal with the experience which eventually interferes with every functioning. Furthermore, major life transitions such as moving to a new job or school might contribute to psychological distress if you are unable to cope with the demands that come with the change. Other factors that contribute to such stress include starting a new job, divorce, depression, and bad experiences, among others (Ross, 2017).
An excellent mental help entails the absence of mental health problems. Good mental health dictates one is in a healthy state and can realize their potential as well as cope with everyday stress. Furthermore, such a person has the capability to feel, express, and control positive and negative emotions as well as create and foster constr…

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