Coordinate business resources

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Coordinate business resources

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Business Resources
Q1. Importance of identifying resources. A resource can be defined as any virtual or physical entity that is of limited availability. It is very important for the resource requirements to be clearly identified before the ordering is done. That ensures that one is properly prepared to make the ordering and they are sure of how the payments will be made. It ensures that there are no delays when it comes to the payments and the storage of the ordered items. It also ensures that the business gets to effectively run since one gets to determine what they require and also how they will get to obtain their requirements. Work groups and individuals can ensure that they get to spend according to the available budget by proper planning and also ensuring that the projects they create get to consider the available budget and resources as well.
Q2. Acquiring physical resources and services. Organizations can ensure that the resources are acquired by purchasing the required resources and also putting them in record. They can check for the quality of the resources before purchasing them and that ensures that they get to buy products that are of good quality. The resources should then be allocated to the areas where they are required thus ensuring that the teams have the resources that they need for them to operate. The teams should also have the opportunity to give feedback regarding the resources thus the organization…

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