Controversial Issue

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Controversial Issue

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Should more gun control laws be enacted in the US?
A heated debate has always existed on whether more gun control laws should be enacted in the US. The debate has been re-ignited in the US recently, and it remains a live issue of concern. Most people find it a great concerning issue that requires a strategic approach to mitigate. Currently, the debate has been fueled by the rising cases of gun misuse that is resulting to increased number of killings. Many innocent lives are lost yearly, and the number or incidences of gun misuse continue. Likewise, cases of mass shootings are increasing in the US (Turkewitz 1). The recent case of gun misuse is the one that occurred on the 2nd of December 2015 where over 14 people lost lives while over 17 people sustained serious injuries. The incident that remains among the over ten mass killings that have occurred in the state is an outright indication that something is wrong, and it is timely for some serious measures to be undertaken.
Most people including gun owners agree that serious measures should be undertaken. They hold that losing lives at the rate being witnessed is encouraging and good for the health of the nation (Turkewitz 1). They assert that the US as a nation should not be one where people move with skepticism. The right to free movement should be protected effectively to enable its satisfactory enjoyment. Nothing should deprive individuals the freedom of movement.

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