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The conflict between the state and religion is undeniable in the modern day. While drafting the First Amendment, the forefathers wanted to avoid the conflict by all means. However, the current-day happenings have proved that their desire is hard to achieve. There are different reasons why avoiding the conflict between the state and religion seems like chasing a mirage and wishful thinking that will never come into play. The article, ‘Freedom of Religion: Challenges to separation,’ effectively explores the different reasons why this is the case. In Part A of the article, the author seems to suggest that the failure of religion is to blame for state’s interference. He seems to suggest that the differences in the doctrines of different religions are dangerous. In this part, the author suggests that the confusion that has necessitated the state’s indulgence in religious affairs stems from the fact that every religion has clauses that indicate that it is better than the other religions because some believers believe that they have the monopoly of righteousness. This kind of thinking leads to the cropping up of extremists, thereby attracting state’s indulgence. The author is correct since extremism births terrorism and only the state’s machinery can deal with the same. While trying to deal with such a case, a conflict between the state and religion comes into play.
Part B of the article, however, when trying to address the r…

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