Contingency plans

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Contingency plans

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Contingency Plans
March 4, 2018
Contingency plan for construction complications
During the construction process, some other activities might occur which were not captured during budgeting and this might stall the project. A budget is an estimate of the possible cost to be incurred and thus it is prudent for an organization or individual to exceed the budgeted amount for intervention purposes (Levine, 2002). That being the case, the management of Desert Surf will consider having 130% of the budgeted amount such that any unplanned activity that occurs will be sought out by the 30%.
Contingency plan for procuring water rights
The support from Tempe City over the partnership is critical towards having access to the water rights, and, therefore, water supply to us greatly depends on the partnership support. However, if the partnership does not work-out then we shall need another alternative. Areas close to water bodies tend to have a water-table that is close the ground surface (Goel, Singh,& Zhao, 2012). There is Tempe Town Lake and, therefore, water-table within the City of Tempe is close to the ground. On that note, drilling underground water can be an alternative and this will require the services from experts who will assess the water-table level and the sustainability of such project with regards to cost and benefits.
Contingency plan for transportation logistics
Desert Surf intends to hire school buses to help in the transportation purposes as the cost wil…

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