Contemporary International Relations

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Contemporary International Relations

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The context of Contemporary International Relations
Walt concludes that “realism remains the most compelling general framework for understanding international relations” because it best explains the behaviors of states regarding how they relate to other nations. The realism concept portrays international relations as a pursuit of supremacy and selfishness among self-centered States, and they are generally having negative prospects when it comes to the elimination of conflict and war. The theory provides a simple explanation to past and present conflicts, cooperation, and allies formation. It emphasizes competition which depict the current state of the world, with states competing for power, natural resources, and superiority (Donnelly, 9). Realist Hans Morgenthau believed that just like humans, states have an imminent desire to dominate others (Donnely,16). A current issue that can be explained by this theory is the nuclear weapon controversy. States are pessimistic of a peaceful existence with each fighting to be in possession of weapons of mass destruction.
He believes that constructivist theories best explain the change in world affairs, other theories such as realism and liberalism did not anticipate the end of the cold war. The constructivist approach put into consideration the impact of ideas on how a state respond to its situation. It depicts that historical processes encounters shapes a state. It pays attention to the effect of chan…

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