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Consumer Exploratory Essay

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Addiction and Dependency

Addiction and Dependency
I agree with the fact that cocaine is very addictive, a feature that makes it hard for an individual to stop after initiating use. The drug is termed as addictive due to the alterations that occur in the brain after recurrent use (Mahendran et al., 2016). Cocaine acts as a stimulant when it is introduced to the body and hence increases the levels of dopamine. This chemical is associated with a feeling of pleasure. When cocaine permeates the brain, dopamine is released in excessive quantities causing a sense of euphoria (Volkow et al., 2006). Recurrent use of the drug interferes with the brains reward system as different regions of the brain start to change leading to addiction. With time, an individual develops tolerance, meaning that the system has gotten used to the drug and one has to take a higher dose of cocaine to attain euphoria.
Additionally, I second the idea that methamphetamine and cocaine share certain features and as well differ in several ways. Bearing in mind that both are stimulants, they elicit the same effect in the brain. The two drugs inhibit the reuptake of dopamine chemical causing it to build up, and this eventually leads to euphoria (Zhang et al., 2001). However, the two drugs differ in the sense that methamphetamine leads to a higher production of dopamine as compared to cocaine leading to an influx of the chemical at the synapse (Taheri et al., 2016). At the same time, cocain…

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