Constructive conflict

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Constructive conflict

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Constructive Conflict
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Constructive Conflict
Conflicts are omnipresent in the organization setting due to the existence of diverse people with different personalities and behaviors. The article defines the word conflict as the situation when an individual’s perceptions, actions, or view are on the contrary to those of other members in a group (Van De Vliert, Nauta, Giebels & Janssen, 1999). When conflicts arise in an organization, the management may handle these conflicts in either a constructive or a destructive manner. In this case, therefore, the article gives an in-depth analysis of handling conflicts constructively to enhance the organizational effectiveness. Besides, conflict and conflict management influence the organizational effectiveness therein.
In the article, the predominant perspective is that constructive conflict management technique such as problem-solving has a positive impact on the organizational effectiveness. Additionally, the article predominantly emphasizes that constructive conflict management entails the combination of both problem-solving and forcing to enhance organizational effectiveness. Organizational conflicts are inevitable, and thus the management has to set strategies that constructively handle the conflicts to enhance the organizational effectiveness. Furthermore, the article majorly relates the aspect of daily organizational conflicts to the performance effectiveness therein. The res…

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