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A vital part of the constitution, checks and balances helped in achieving the separation of power among legislative, executive and judicial branches, especially in tripartite states. The legislature is the maker of the law, the executive is an enforcer of it and the judiciary is an interpreter of it. This system was introduced in order to restrict one branch of the government from becoming too imperative, which is against the very foundation of democracy.
The Preamble to the Constitution of the United States introduces the people to the essential principles and guidelines of the constitution. It highlights the importance of the people in the formation of this nation – the reason why it’s a democratic republic. The first three words, “We, the people,” accentuates this. Though it is not the law, the Preamble explains the grounds behind a written constitution.
While the United States Constitution is essentially of a rigid structure, amendments are a very important part of the constitution itself. Several amendments have been made to the constitution, the first ten of which form an integral part of the Constitution as the ‘Bill of Rights’. Another 17 amendments exist in the constitution, which have followed the historic development of the United States of America. The fact is that as the human society progresses through history, we have seen governments form and collapse as they failed to cope wi…

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