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Congress Powers
The congress members in the U.S act as lawmakers by supporting, writing and passing essential bills. As a representative of their constituents, they are required to offer solutions to problems as they arise. In the past, their roles included what most of them called “bringing the bacon home.” Elected members in the Congress allocate funds in their districts for developments projects hence increasing their representative abilities (Stratmann, et al., 509). In this regard, they influence national budget to secure help for their states and districts. Using an earmark method, districts representatives channel some of the bill funds to be used for tax exemptions or on particular projects. Using this method, proper roads, airports, and hospitals have been established in specific districts influenced by their elected officials hence enhancing the representation.
The money senators and other representatives’ direct monies in their districts and states to finance appropriation project bills that are not subject to any planned form of rigorous scrutiny and analysis. Although this is done to enhance representation for the benefit of citizens, some members engage in it for their political gains.
In some ways, the ability of members to direct monies for developments in their states and districts is seen to damage the interests of the nation. In this case, citizens across the country have demonstrated reduced interest on state …

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