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Conflicts are deemed to occur in our day to day relations. It is inevitable to have some sought of conflicts once in a while. Most detrimental conflicts involve people one is close to, friends, colleagues, family, and romantic partners. Interpersonal personal conflict is the most profound type of conflict. The conflict majorly occurs between individuals having some kind of interaction. It can easily escalate if not resolved amicably as it characterized by charged emotions. Underlying issues, policy conflicts, and a disparity in values intensify interpersonal conflicts. Compromising is an effective way of resolving conflicts within our relationships. Establishing a common ground that caters for each individual needs and interests creates the trust that strengthens the relationship. In a workplace, this leads to more teamwork and productivity. One instance my best friend wanted to go out instead of studying. What did I do to solve the situation? We compromised. We agreed to study half day, then come evening we went out. It was a win situation for both of us.
Social media is the epitome of the current generation. When one wakes up, the first thing most people look for is their phone. The world is simply a swap away. With vast information uploaded every second over the internet, social media has become the very fabric our world is built on. Though there has been a surge in negative vices in regarding social media, the benefits outweigh the in…

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