Conflicting Viewpoint

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Conflicting Viewpoint

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Conflicting Viewpoint
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Conflicting Viewpoint
One of the issues highlighted in the website is the legalization of euthanasia based on the views of the opponents and proponents. Euthanasia, in this case, involves dying through the help of a certified physician (, 2018). From an individual viewpoint, euthanasia should be legalized and, therefore, I oppose the idea of it not being legal.
There are several reasons highlighted by the opponents on euthanasia that focus on condemning the act. One of the reasons is that it is the responsibility of the physicians to ensure that their patients are alive and in good health with respect to the Hippocratic oath. The second argument is that there exists a slippery slope between murder and engaging in assisted suicide. Lastly, the opponents argue that the legalization of euthanasia will result in unfair treatment for the disabled and the low-income earners (, 2018). This will influence the insurance companies to support the termination of lives for them to save money.
An interesting notion from the arguments is the idea of insurance companies taking advantage of the legalization. The aspect that I would notice if I supported the view is the exploitation of the poor by the insurance companies. The perspective can be viewed as valid especially since insurance companies focus more on making profits rather than protecting the interests of their clients. In other wor…

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