Conflict Management Interview

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Conflict Management Interview

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Conflict Management Interview
Living in a society and cohabiting with members of the community, conflicts do occur among friends and acquittances. This paper documents the discussion of findings from an interview with a close friend on conflict styles.
Compromise is the most often conflict style the used by the interviewee. In most cases, whenever we have conflicts, we negotiate and agree on the most convincing and reasonable step towards resolving the argument. At times he has to let go while sometimes I am the one to compromise on my side.
The description of the conflict style was as I perceived. Indeed, the most usual method we use in compromise. We have had a series of conflicts, and we end up resolving them with the most suitable argument carrying the day irrespective of who proposed the solution.
Most of our conflicts are functional. Our conflicts always revolve around procedures of doing things, where to spend leisure time, gifts to buy for various occasions, and things like entertainments (for example, a movie to watch over the weekend or the best latest music). We have never had a dysfunctional conflict as far as the interviewee could remember.
The variable that plays most of the time in our conflicts is family upbringing and culture. Upbringing is a cultural aspect. Culture affects a person’s personality which influences his or her conflict styles (Shapiro 44). We have been friends since childhood, …

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