Conflict Management and Humanitarian Action

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Conflict Management and Humanitarian Action

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Conflict Management and Humanitarian Action
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Conflict Management and Humanitarian Action
The Arab world has been for a long time been affected by conflicts and acts of terrorism. Some of the reasons of the conflict in the region include climate change such as drought. For instance, 905% of livestock and farms were destroyed as a result of the water shortages and drought. The conflict has caused food shortages since farmers have been immigrating to different regions to look for jobs. The crisis in the Arab world countries calls for a resolution to end human and economic suffering. Conflict can be described as the disagreement between people. It is a struggle between two or more interdependent parties who may be fighting for scarce resources or incompatible goals. Now that conflicts are inevitable, the important thing to do is to know how to deal with them. Conflict management is one of the approaches to conflict, and it aims at reducing the negative aspects of disputes and increasing its positive aspects. It can also be referred to as the process through which two conflicting sides are made stop fighting for the sake of peace. Conflict management is about how people deal with the wrongs that are done to them.
Conflict management is a process that is undertaken for a certain period with the aim of limiting and containing the conflict. Conflicts are the main obstacles when it comes to sustainable development. It creates unimaginable human s…

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