Confidential Agreement

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Confidential Agreement

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Confidential Agreement
This is agreement is made by and between
Stephen Obrain Dears,
5 Forest Hill Warwick wk08,
Randy Bobby Brangman,
5 Forest Hill Warwick wk08,
The purpose of this agreement letter is to outline the details of how Mr. Stephen Obrain Dears is to be taken care of in case of any medical assent that might occur at any time.
When it happens that he is in any medical condition in which he is unable to take care of himself personally, and there is a need for him to be taken to a West home, he wants that Randy Bobby does not take him there. In addition, he requests that his stepson Randy Bobby Brangman not to take him to an old people’s home but rather to have him taken care of by a paid nurse. This is because Stephen has seen how the elderly are treated in an old people’s house and that is not how he would want to be treated. Stephen wants to be fed well, cleaned daily and taken outside to get some sunshine and for a walk and this can only happen if he has a personal nurse to take care of his needs. In order to take care of the house expenses, medical bills and payment to the nurse Stephen’s house should be rented out and the rent income used to meet the costs.
This agreement comes into effect from October 9th, 2018, and it ends on the day that he takes his last breath. All the agreement details are included in this confidential document and at no p…

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