Confidence is Forever an Essential Tool

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Confidence is Forever an Essential Tool

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Confidence is Forever an Essential Tool
It was a Monday afternoon, and I could not wait to get home after the long day of classes. My last period of the day was History with Ms Zukermen. During that period, she informed us that we were to call up administrators who work for different international organisations that help the needy. Her exercise was supposed to help us gather data for the essay which we would write during the week and submit on Friday. I decided upon Red Cross since I volunteer at their San Diego office during my summer breaks. Although I did not know anyone working as an administrator, I was reasonably sure a call to my supervising officer would fix that. After the period, I ran out toward the parking lot where my mother was waiting for me.
As she drove home, I had a hard time concentrating on what she was saying because I did not know how I would initiate the call. I was painfully shy and could barely manage to strike up a conversation with the person seated next to me on a good day. On getting home, I called my supervisor, Mr Blake, who gave me the office telephone number of the manager of the Los Angeles branch, Mrs Geller. I spent the next few days debating why I should not call her until Thursday morning. I researched how to improve my confidence prior to an encounter with a stranger over the telephone. Ravenscraft (1) argued that I should dress well and pick a subject I understood well before my encounter to boost my…

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