Condo-Hotel, San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Condo-Hotel, San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Condo Hotel: San Juan, Puerto RicoStudent’sName
Condo Hotel: San Juan, Puerto Rico
In our previous plans, we have talked about our condo hotel, located in San Juan, Puerto Rico. In this assignment we are asked to go deeper in the organizational part of our condo hotel, discussing about how the hotel is constructed, what is our hotel’s target market, and a budget plan specifically made to turn our condo hotel into the hottest, most known and wanted condo in the Island.
1. Background on the organization.
It is important to highlight the organizational processes when it comes to accomplishing the organizational plans we have discussed in our previous business plans. The only way to really accomplish our objectives is to deciding tasks, and specify who has to do what (Struts &Wortman, 2005). This is the only way to possibly and successfully run a place as big as a hotel. Although our condo is not designed to cater to a huge amount of people, we have to do our best effort, as we intend to cater only to VIPs who could be in any other place. This is way we decided, taking the model seen in the book “Hotel and Lodging Management: An Introduction”, by Stutts and Wortman, tweak it in some places and develop an organizational chart, in order to clarify our organization.

2. How many square feet, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and amenities?
Our condo hotel has twenty rooms, each room occupying a whole floor of the building. As we said be…

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