Conceptual Processing

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Conceptual Processing

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Conceptual Process
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Conceptual Processing
Conceptual processing is a brain function that is crucial to human lives. Perception cognitive processes, on the other hand, is a process that allows us to experience the universe around us. In the environment that we live on, we can listen to sounds from neighbours, the smell of aroma from cooked meals or even feel the touch from people or objects. Semantic storage in the brain is a system that is responsible for the retention, storage, and recall of conceptual knowledge about facts and people (Tulving et al., 1972). This action makes us feel our conscious mind and help is in interacting with objects and people around us.
The semantic storage system acts as the foundations for cognitive processes such as reasoning, language, problem-solving and objects recognition (Tulving et al. 1972). Visual information processing is one research study that explains the cognitive perception process vividly. It enables us to process and interpret the information that we acquire through our eyesight. Sight perception plays a significant role in our day to day activity. It is vital in ensuring we learn and interact with people and objects. Understanding and interpreting what we visualize is essential in designing the visual information (Helen et al., 2003).
Visual information processing is critical as it enables one to pay attention and focus on the crucial parts. Also, it allows one to learn and acquire usef…

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