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Globalization and the International security
In the past two decades, the term globalization has been a familiar term to refer to though; there has never been a universal agreement on what it means. However, so far the dominant definition describes globalization as an integration of the different economies, cultures, and the societies (Baylis, Smith, & Owens, 2017). The three aspects are said to be interconnected in a worldwide network through trade, transportation, and communication. Thus, it can be related to the combination of all its components among them the political, economic, social, cultural and technological with the view of establishing a common ground for equal engagement amongst the related participating countries.
However, we should note that the distribution of these globalization components is not equal. Some of them perform better in some regions, states, or continents. The reason to this can be attributed to the pressure that these nations face on the grounds of normative and functional. Due to the pressure, it becomes a challenge hugely for these nations to hand the large volume and the intensity of the people coming into the country, the information, capital, and even the multiple problems that see their ways into the nations through their boundaries. In this kind of environment, it then becomes almost impossible for political sovereignty maintenance and that the new forms of governance are emerging as democratization continuous …

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