Computer Systems Engineering Process

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Computer Systems Engineering Process

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Computer Systems Engineering Process
Response to Classmate #1
The post provides original insights on the two primary software quality metrics including those for Object-Oriented Environment and Total Quality Measurement. The quality of the software is determined under the use of Object-Oriented software metrics whereas the managerial approach can be examined under the application of total quality measurement approach. Notably, it would be a bit challenging to effectively gather data to be used as metrics yet achieve consistent data due to the variation between software patterns. Moreover, with the use of total quality measurement, the expectations of one organization from a software code differ with that of the other. The post portrays that nine sub-categories that ought to be considered in the object-oriented software metrics and eight principals’ ion Total quality measurement (TQM) The position intensively provides actual samples of each type of parameters and how they can be utilized in the testing process.

Response to Classmate #2
Defect Remove Efficiency and Crash Rate Metrics can enhance the software development and testing process as they focus on the operational aspects of the software. The metrics are essential aspects when it comes to the understanding of the common issues that are underlying software between development and application (Buse & Thomas). The useful removal efficiency metrics identify existing bugs that re…

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