Computer Science Evaluation Essay

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Computer Science Evaluation Essay

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I agree with the thematic connection presented in the article. Charcot Marie Tooth disease is a disorder leading to loss of muscle and sense of touch in various body parts CITATION Div18 l 1033 (Kedlaya, 2018). That might result in a person being immobile if the legs get affected by the disease. From the article and the picture, the lady suffered from the disease which might have touched her legs making her unable to move thus crawling and looking for help which caught the painter’s attention. On the other hand, I disagree with the second theme that the painting of Mona Lisa resembles the Virgin Mary. From the presentation of the portrait and its reputation across the world, the painter of Mona Lisa had a completely different idea when he did the work. The picture is most likely to be a renowned wife of a king as it was a possession of King Francis I of France.
There are several other themes shared in the works such as the theme of love. From the paintings, the women are presented in a lovely manner by the painters who were men. That indicates a possible connection between the two people involved which is most likely to be a love affair. Another theme is that of being compassionate about other people or someone that a person finds attractive to him. That could be the reason that the painters resulted in painting the pictures to show compassion and preserve the memory of women that they found attractive in their lives…

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