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Computer Engineering Essay Outline

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In my opinion, Plato is right because he campaigns for censorship. In the modern times, most people involved in video games and movies are children and young adults who still need an adult figure to direct them through the course of life. Most of them do not know what is wrong or right and therefore need someone to make the major decisions for them. In as much as Aristotle campaigns for responsibility in what one watches, a parent still must guide the kid through life, and that includes creating interest in what the child is interested in helping them make the right choice.
According to Aristotle, we should expect that the young adults will be motivated by the violence in movies and video games to deal with their emotions reasonably. But how are we supposed to take the chance when the result is increased violence in the society? Teenagers go around fighting each other, cutting themselves to deal with pain, robbing stores and involved in various other crazy activities. All these harmful activities in the name of emulating and pleasing their role models from the movies they watch. Some kids do not realize that the people they idolize so much are just doing what they are just acting. In this case, they do it to earn money in the process of entertaining their viewers. The children, therefore, end up getting involved in drugs and destroying their future by just watching a movie or playing a video game, something they could have avoided …

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