Compressed Modernity

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Compressed Modernity

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Compressed Modernity and Global Entanglement:
The Contest Transformation of Parenting Discourses in Post War Taiwan

This article aims at evaluating the much-contested modifications of parenting debate in post-war in Taiwan. It is a showcase of global sociology. It debates on the thought that such transformational changes express Taiwan’s policies on modern evolution, incorporated with various transnational relations and universal forces. The main focuses are on the United States aid project and the use of planning of families that took place between n the 1950s and 1960s. It also focuses on campaigns undertaken to foster transnational elites to champion for schooling reforms as well as parents education with regards to post-martial law period.
The term ‘global entanglement’ is used because of outlining a description of the institutional and cultural entanglement between communities that are ruled by the asymmetrical power relations and stresses on the idea that parents across all class level that creates the difference in the accessibility to globalization and similar associations in the modern projects.
On the other hand, ‘global sociology of parenting discourse’ upholds the thought that modernization aims at revolutionizing parenting. In that, it points at the notion that modernization is geared towards the construction of ‘playing-child’s and much deepen bonds between children and their parents
Taiwan’s fertility rate has been…

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