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Comprehension Analysis

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Comprehension AnalysisQuestion 1
Yes, Quindlen approves of sex education. She categorically states that she is a proponent of sex education and would like her son to be taught various subjects regarding sexuality such as pregnancy prevention measure, how individuals get pregnant and what it means when pregnancy avoidance methods fail.
Question 2
The author implies that the adolescents fancy sex while they are incautious about pregnancy. Girls who are virgin pretend not to be to avoid being considered immature. The adolescent considers sex to be the order of the day. On the other hand, they tend to be incautious and reckless about pregnancy.
Question 3
The author posits that she will teach her son about birth controls, fertile periods and any other important sex-related mechanism. As she states, lessons regarding sex should be taught at home. Therefore, she will teach her son as that is her responsibility.

Question 1
Quindlen chose “Sex Ed” as the title since her discussion is about sex education. The title serves to give readers a glimpse of what the author talks about in the discussion and also assist in pointing out the thesis statement.
Question 2
The author’s thesis statement is “Sex education at school is a big part of the answer to the problem of teenage pregnancy.” The statement is contained in the third paragraph of the comprehension and is directly stated.
Question Three
Undoubtedly, Quindlen’s writing is an arg…

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