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Composition 12

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Saving Capitalism

Saving Capitalism
Every research always involves different stages for example annotation. Annotation is referred to an explanation of a particular text or diagram that contains information. Most of the information is still sourced from books and articles that are used to complete researches or essays. This paper thus seeks to discuss the process and the experience of annotation of three articles which are to be used to address a topic on “saving capitalism” by elaborating the thoughts of the process, the important sources and to determine the causes that oppose or agree with the topic.
First, I had many thoughts in the process of reading, note-taking, and annotation. One of the thoughts was on how to relate the three sources at once and extract common information from them. I was also thinking of how to coordinate the extraction of ideas form the given sources until they could satisfy the information needs of the paper. I could also imagine on the degrees of relevance of the information that I could extract from the given sources and use them appropriately.
Among the three sources is used in my annotation, their relevance and importance differed as there were some that had beneficial and relevant information on my topic. Katalin’s article of ‘Saving Capitalism from the Capitalists’ was more important because of the broad and relevant information is provided on the topic. It explained the aspect of saving capitalism from a…

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