Complexities In Language

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Complexities In Language

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Grammar Complexity in languages
In the chapter titled “How about complexity?” the author, Dixon, elaborates on the complexity of grammar of languages. He states that modern languages have more complex grammar than primitive languages. He disregards the need for languages being complex in their grammar and advocates for the languages to meet the requirements of a ‘perfect’ language in a simple way rather than in a sophisticated manner.
Further, the author states that the majority of the languages displaying this complexity in grammar are small local languages. He analyses the complexities in Jarawara language spoken in southern Amazonia. He notes that although the speakers of the language have no difficulty with the grammar of the language, it is entirely tasking for straightforward general communication.
He notes that major languages used as lingua franca have less complexity (Dixon 138). Moreover, languages have lost some complexity and irregularities as the number of speakers increased. Also, social interactions during intergroup trade, cultural activities, and marriage among multilingual speakers lead to language contact leading to language change. The author concludes by stating that it is only useful that languages have good grammatical sense and not too much complexity.
In my view, I concur with the author’s view that languages should not entail much of the sophistication in their grammatical structure in order to all…

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